Outsourcing made easy for startups.


We help companies grow their business with affordable, efficient, and reliable outsourcing solutions.

We take care of all aspects of customer service - from customer inquiries, VIP welcome calls to dormant customer reactivation. We have multichannel solutions for 100% support.

No matter how big your organization is, our support staff provides virtual assistance including market research, lead generation, and calendar management to make your operations run smoothly.

We provide social media management, search engine optimization, and website customization to spearhead your marketing campaigns.  We provide real-time reporting and strategic brand consultancy.

Sophi works with up and coming startups and established institutions all over the world.

Sophi is highly experienced in customer service, digital marketing, and back-office support. We've been in the industry for more than 8 years, working with up and coming start-ups in Silicon Valley as well as established institutions both in the US and Europe.

Our edge? We only hire agents with extensive experience in your industry. We have handpicked agents who fit your company's vision, mission, and culture, so they can grow with your business!

Our clients love us!

"After reviewing multiple offshoring options for our back office and customer support needs, it quickly became evident that Sophi was the best and only option for Edhance. As a start-up company, it's critical to ensure that every customer has a superb experience with our product. We're dependent on an agile and flexible team that with a broad cultural understanding and excellent English skills. Sophi is more than able to move as fast as we do, and has exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the relationship. They're good people."  - Bjorn, Founder & CEO, Edhance (now w/ Gilt Groupe)

"It is extremely difficult and challenging to find reliable, effective and dependable BPO partners.   My organizations have utilized multiple on-shore and off-shore contact centers, but none of them have delivered the quality of service, sales results and bottom line impact of Sophi.   We have been extremely satisfied Sophi clients for several years and I am confident that they can help your organization as well." - Mike, President & CEO, Legacy Partners International

"We use Sophi for our customer support and call center operations and have been extremely satisfied with their service.  I'm really impressed with the quality and enthusiasm of the team and enjoy working with them on a daily basis.  We never have to worry about any of our backend tasks at all as Sophi provides all the training and recruiting for us, so our operations runs smoothly 24/7 and can scale easily as our company grows.  I highly recommend using their services for any outsourcing needs and am happy to speak with anyone who'd like to learn more about our experience with them."  - Jason, Founder & CEO, BringMeThat