5 Free CRM for Small Businesses

As your business starts to flourish, the need for a Customer Relationship Management system becomes necessary. Startup owners look to CRM software systems to help them sort out the growing number of their customer information and leads. These owners know too well the difficulty in maintaining accurate records without a place to house the information. However, carrying out a CRM system can be expensive. Fortunately, there are a number CRM systems that offer a free trial, and some are just completely free.

Here are 5 CRM systems to help you manage your data without breaking the bank.


Hubspot CRM. This CRM gives you all that you need to organize and track your customer information. Designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, you’ll find Hubspot CRM’s interface quite easy to navigate. This CRM software comes with an automated engine that tracks your customer information and stores your leads in a clutter-free way instead of messy and shared inboxes.


Freshsales. This software is known for its vibrant and up-to-date interface. Freshsales meet end-to-end all the contact management needs of your business.  The software’s free trial allows up to ten users, making it a good choice for a growing sales team.  


Insightly. This CRM is one of the most-used tool in the market for small businesses. Insightly offers the most decent free plans in the CRM industry. The free plan allows up to two users, and it covers the basic tools in maintaining your business. The free plan also includes features like onboarding sessions and social CRM.


Zoho CRM. This software is often heard of in the startup world. Its features include detailed reports and its ability to grow with you as your company thrives. Just like Freshsales, this software allows up to ten users during the free trial period. Zoho CRM also allows its users to completely organize customer information and effectively coordinate with your team.


Really Simple Systems. This is indeed a really simple software, designed for startup businesses. Really Simple Systems is easy to use, and it provides business owners all the necessary tools in growing their business. This CRM only allows up to two users, but you can use it for free for as long as you like.

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SOPHI Celebrates A Decade In The Industry Of ICT

This year marks the 10th-year anniversary of SOPHI! We celebrated our decade-long operations in the ICT industry on August 4. We started off as a team of seven customer service reps headed by our CEO, Chloe Franken-Ututalum. With almost 300 employees in Dumaguete City to date, SOPHI has unceasingly grown over the past decade. Just recently, we opened our doors to the Cebuano community as we officially launched our second site at Mabuhay Tower in Cebu I.T. Park on June 30.

To kick-off our anniversary, we organized a 5k Color Run for a Cause for the benefit of the Dumaguete Youth Home and Casa Esperanza. The run had 250 participants coming from different BPO companies in Dumaguete City: namely, Ingenuiti, Qualfon, SPI CRM, Student Universe, CodingDepartment.ph, Visaya KPO, and SCI Global Services. Special thanks to our sponsors- SMART, Tanduay, Asia Brewery, Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards, Naield It, Bristol, Grand Royal Spa, and Gabbys Bistro.

 Zumba warm-up before the 5k run!

Zumba warm-up before the 5k run!

The event started with a lively zumba session to get everyone’s heart pumping for the run. A couple of wacky dance moves later, all participants went to proceed to the starting line. The race route covered the downtown area of the city with three different color stations scattered at strategic points. The colors signified that the runner did not deviate from the official route. The race culminated back to our headquarters at DBPI IT Plaza for the finish line.

 L-R: James Tambolero, Edmar Balandaca, Dennis Inoferio-Avanzado

L-R: James Tambolero, Edmar Balandaca, Dennis Inoferio-Avanzado

In just under an hour, Edmar Balandaca was the first to finish the race. This was followed by James Tambolero in Second Place and Dennis Inoferio-Avanzado in Third Place. All three are from SPI CRM. The top runners received cash prizes of ₱10,000, ₱5,000, and ₱3,000, respectively.

“I’d like to thank everybody who graced our event. 10 years has been a long journey for SOPHI— the 10 years have had ups and downs but I think this day is a culmination of us just celebrating our 10 years in the industry of ICT,” President and CEO, Chloe Franken-Ututalum expressed after the race ended.

 Chloe Franken-Ututalum, CEO and President of SOPHI

Chloe Franken-Ututalum, CEO and President of SOPHI

“A lot of good things and a lot of growth coming for the next 10 years for SOPHI. It’s been a great decade, and there’s just more good stuff to come,” she added.

On the day of our anniversary, SOPHI hosted an anniversary dinner and employee talent competition, inviting friends from the ICT community and existing partner vendors to celebrate with the rest of the company. 
The night also marked our HR Manager Cherryl Precedinis’ 10th anniversary in the company. Cherryl was part of the original team in 2008 and was the first team leader of SOPHI.

 Cherryl reading greetings from everyone in the company.

Cherryl reading greetings from everyone in the company.

Operations Manager, Atty. Anna Marie Sienes, who was also part of the original batch when SOPHI started, shared why she stayed with the company: 

“I just love this company so much. We put in so much. It’s not about the pay at the end of the day, but it’s what we have given to the company and to the people that we have worked with.”

 Cherryl and Atty. Anna-Marie sharing their #SOPHIexperience

Cherryl and Atty. Anna-Marie sharing their #SOPHIexperience

She also added, “We want to keep the same culture that we had since we started, because this is how we survived for 10 years.”

 Team Ronah's entertaining performance during the anniversary party.

Team Ronah's entertaining performance during the anniversary party.

Despite the drizzling rain, the event was a success filled with delicious food, great music, and awesome people!

As SOPHI continues to thrive in the ICT industry, more and more opportunities are made available to the Filipino community and to startup businesses around the globe. What started out as a seven-person team back in 2008 is now a flourishing company with over 300 employees and a brand new site in Cebu City. Cheers to the next 10 years and beyond!