Crank up the music in the office

OK. So maybe I'm a little biased, because I practically have my Grados glued to my ears when I'm at work. Nonetheless, research from the University of Birmingham, England has shown that playing music in the office actually enhances productivity and boosts morale. No, I'm not suggesting you blast songs from Calvin Harris, Avicii, or Steve Aoki over the speakers. It's not an EDM party. There are certain types of music that are actually good for work.

No lyrics please. Playing instrumental music in the background is known to be soothing to the brain. And let's face it, most of us think we can sing. Someone busting out to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" might not amuse everyone trying to concentrate. When words are added to a song, a part of the brain that is controlling language gets activated, which interferes with other language "tasks" you need to concentrate on (e.g., phone support, customer support on chat, research). 

Pick a playlist that everyone likes. If you're listening to music you actually enjoy, it boosts your mood. People are generally more productive when they're feeling positive vibes. Although you cannot please everyone's musical taste, try to reach a consensus on what songs to include in the playlist - there's no DJ required for this really.

Play with different beats or tempos. Just as we're playing music to avoid boredom, one cannot listen to the same thing over and over again. Music affects mood. The music at the furniture store is calm and easy on the ears, making you take your time and shop longer. While music at fast food joints is upbeat, keeping the energy up. At work, you don't want people falling asleep to Enya, or getting annoyed by the repetitive loops of Kygo. Balance it out, and keep a mix of slow and upbeat tracks to keep everyone engaged throughout the shift.

Whatever your team prefers, music shapes your company's culture. It's an expression of your brand's identity. The benefits of increased productivity and a boost in morale are things that overall help the company reach its goals. I know that there will be mixed reactions and opinions on this topic. However, why don't you give it a try? After all, Spotify is free.