3 Tips in using social media for your business

Many small businesses struggle with a dilemma on which comes first: money or marketing. Because you’re new in the business, you need customers to make money. However, how will your customers (and potential partners) know that your startup exists?

That’s where social media comes into the picture. A strong online presence can help your startup build lasting connections with your clients. Along with that, it can also help you with recruitment, feedback, and customer support!

So, how do you use social media for your business? Follow these tips:

  • Create strategies. Before you start posting content on your channels, first reflect on your business objectives, target audience, and how social media can help you accomplish those. Focus on your brand’s presence – will you go for a serious tone or do you prefer the easy-going approach? Your online presence must mirror your company’s culture. Consistency is important in your channels especially if you’re managing a new business. This helps you create your brand.
  • Find the right channels for your audience to engage. There may be over a billion users on Facebook, but if your potential clients don’t make up the most of this community, then it’s probably not the right channel for you. It’s always important to know the preferences of your target audience. If you plan on reaching out to business leaders online, then you can find them mostly on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you’re connecting with fans or if your business centers on marketing, then running a Facebook page or an Instagram account should be two of your options – don’t forget the hashtags of course!
  • Use social media to recruit new team members or to connect with clients. Your online audience is not only limited to customers, but it also includes potential candidates who have the talent and capability to work with you. They may be among your followers on social media. Publish content that can engage them. Social media plays an important role when it comes to engaging with employees and clients – both current and future. It shapes up your startup’s reputation. Think of today’s trends and try to incorporate them in your business so they can connect with you more!

These are three of the most essential things you need to do when it comes to using social media in jumpstarting your company. Not only can it help you deal with your customers and teams, it can also help your company grow.

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