Boost Your Online Presence through SEO

Coming up with online marketing strategies for your business is challenging especially if you’re running a startup. It gets even more difficult if you’re competing with thousands of links, search engine results, and websites that have recognizable brand names. You need to think of unique and effective ways to make your online presence noticeable. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you with that.

How would you be able to successfully boost your online presence through SEO? Below are five strategies you can follow.

  1. Know your keywords. Targeted keywords are the lifeblood of every SEO efforts. It’s always important to know the right terms for your business. If you’re publishing content that’s about managing small businesses, then you should know how to speak your target audience’s language. What terms do they use to find information about small businesses? Your goal here is to make it easy for your readers to find your content thus helping them find your business. Once Google identifies you as an “authority” for a particular keyword, you’re more likely to appear on the top search results for that particular keyword. Check out websites such as Alexa, SimilarWeb, and Google Trends. These sites help you figure out the keywords your existing readers use to find you as well as keywords your competition is using to entice readers to their site.
  2. Make your site mobile friendly. Virtual interaction doesn’t have to stay on your computer. What’s the use of your mobile device? As stated by We Are Social, 66% of global users use their mobile phones to access information online. Mobile accessibility is a strategy that makes you more flexible for your readers to find you even when they’re on the go.
  3. Keep things simple. You don’t have to over explain everything in your content. If you want to develop a connection with your audience then get your message across without bringing confusion to the receiver. Your content must be simple enough for anyone to understand.
  4. Embed links. Embedded links in your blog articles are almost as similar as tags. This improves your SEO ranking, as the more you link to relevant sites, the more Google relates you to a particular topic or keyword. Another purpose with linking is that it helps your audience with website navigation. If they’re looking for a link to your company page on LinkedIn, then they wouldn’t have a hard time getting there as it’s already embedded on a certain part of your blog articles.
  5. Keep track of analytics. The numbers basically tell you the truth! Analytics can let you figure out what to post and what not to post. It helps you improve your site. Analytics can serve as a guide in managing your social media networks. It can help you come up with different online marketing strategies, as well as track your online performance.

Now’s the time to work on your SEO! You must take into consideration that every published content affects the SEO results. So, use these strategies to help scale your business -- even on a tight budget!

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