Top 5 Traits to Look For in Every Customer Service Rep

One of the challenges most growing companies face today is recruitment. There will come a time when you need to add more members to your support team to meet the needs of your customers. Thus, the urgency to hire more employees comes in. There's a lot to consider when it comes to looking for the right people in your company. You must aim to maintain a positive work environment for everyone by making it a priority to fill your teams with the best of the best.


Below is a list of top five traits you need to look for in every customer service candidate.

  • Passion. One must commit and put his heart into everything he does. Find someone who is not just searching for a job, but rather find someone who wants a career in customer service. During your screening period, look for the candidates who smile, make eye contact, and are assertive. Do you want someone who can face your customers with confidence? Find individuals who have the passion to serve. They're the type of people you would want to place as frontliners for your business. They should be passionate in helping your customers.
  • Diligence. It doesn't matter how educated and experienced a candidate is. The fact that a potential candidate cares and applies constant effort to any job makes that individual an ideal member of your support team. Skills can be taught, but ones attitude towards work is hard to change. In addition, it's always important to test your applicant. When interviewing, ask questions such as the type of approach they use to tackle issues they can't solve immediately. The ideal candidate must be able to show persistence and diligence, exerting best efforts to help customers.
  • Team orientation. Your potential candidates must be able to work well with others. Team players are usually the best support agents in a company. In order for customer problems to be solved quickly, your customer service team must be able to work together and help each other resolve challenging cases. They should not be afraid to ask for help in times of confusion as well. Customer satisfaction is what matters most. So, you want a team that can work together towards that objective.
  • Sincerity. You can't script this trait in customer service. Clients and customers must be treated with genuine care. Otherwise, you're going to lose them. Hire someone who already has the personality to thrive in a customer service position. Sometimes the phrase "fake it 'till you make it" doesn't apply to the job of serving people. A good customer service representative must be able to know how to establish rapport and trust with customers, as these are the bases for every business relationship.
  • Integrity. The top most trait you need to look for in a candidate is integrity. It's something we all need to live by. This is one of the things one needs to develop to earn respect from their customers and teams. However, you obviously can't just ask someone if they have integrity. The obvious answer would be "yes." Look for subtle, nonverbal cues. Ask the candidate to describe situations that would reflect their integrity. Make sure to dig and ask more questions, so you can get the answers you are looking for. If they can't give you a straight answer, then they're probably lying. Integrity takes years to build, but only takes a second to lose. If the candidate doesn't have this, then simply move on to the next one.

These are just five of the many traits you need to find in every customer service representative. These traits can definitely help you choose the right people for your company. The right people can be challenging to find, but if you prioritize these qualities, then you're already on the right track.

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