3 Tips to Launch a Customer Service Program

Creating the right customer service program for your company is one of the most crucial aspects of building brand loyalty and fostering customer satisfaction. The program requires strategic thinking, commitment, and insights for it to be successful. By the time you’ve chosen your customer experience (CX) team, you would need to focus on how they will implement the program.

Here are three things you need to know before you launch a customer service program.

  • Don't rush recruitment. Implementing a customer service program takes time. Finding the right people is the first step. When it comes to recruitment, you’re going to have to do more work than you would want to. Hiring people too quickly for new positions without thorough consideration is one of the reasons why businesses fail. Your employees are responsible for your business success. You need to screen each candidate thoroughly to know if they fit the position they’re applying for. This may take most of your implementation process, but the results will be worthwhile.
  • Create a customer service training plan. You can’t launch your program without properly training your CX representatives. Introduce and orient your CX team with your business communication channels, explain your program guidelines, and allow them to do mock calls before they go live. In addition, it’s important for your new agents to figure out how they can find answers to certain issues. Inform your team about your escalation process and introduce them to the right people whom they should approach if they need help in dealing with specific cases. Learning takes time, so it’s better that they have guidance first before they start talking to customers -- that’s the whole purpose of training after all. So, if you want your customer service program to start strong, see to it that your CX teams are ready, trained, and equipped to face your customers.
  • Determine your actual launch date. You may think that your launch date is the time your program goes live -- No. The surprising truth is that you would have to try a soft launch to test your program. Before rolling out a new customer service program to the public, it’s advisable to test it out with a small subset. Pick a group of loyal customers who speak their mind. This approach creates a true connection between your business and your market. This shows that you truly listen to your customers and you value their feedback. You’d be surprised to know how much you’ll learn from them!

The tips mentioned above are just some of the important things you need to do before you jumpstart your customer service program. There may be other strategies you can do aside from these, but I assure you, this will help you run your program smoothly and successfully.

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