Agent Experience: The Basis for Customer Service

Planning is a requirement in all businesses. When it comes to customer service, managers place high importance on improving customer experience (CX). However, businesses forget another important factor that they should also focus on -- agent experience (AX).


It was mentioned before in one of our previous articles, "Treat Your CX Team Better by Treating Them like Customers," that taking care of your CX teams is as important as taking care of your customers. So, take this article as part two from that blog post.

Below are additional steps on how you can improve agent experience for happier customers.

Create agent journey maps. It's basically the same as customer journey maps, but for your agents. These maps help your team grow, as they illustrate your team's step-by-step viewpoints on the different stages of customer experience. As the manager, mapping also keeps you informed on how your agents rate certain aspects in employee satisfaction. They can provide quotes or comments to support their ratings. Together with that, they can also suggest solutions or opportunities for improving agent experience. With the help of the map, you can identify training opportunities, as they also reflect how your teams treat clients and customers.

Provide solutions to the problems. Now that you've set out your agents' journey maps, it's time to look into the things that you need to improve on. It's important that you brainstorm possible solutions to the problems encountered by your agents. They're the frontliners of your business, so it's best to fix them immediately. Remember to keep in mind that with low agent happiness comes high customer impact. So if you notice that some of your agents are experiencing difficulties, note that it will badly affect your business as a whole.

Give incentives if they ever reach or exceed their goals. That's the whole point of kudos. They provide a morale-boosting effect on your team members. Employee recognition encourages peers to appreciate one another, making their work environment healthy and fostering a supportive working relationship. It's absolutely necessary to commend them from time to time. Having to deal with customers is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of patience, determination, and engagement to accomplish it. As the head of the business, it's important for you to recognize their efforts in the company.

To be able to effectively meet the needs of your customers, first take care of your CX teams. Your customers are lifeblood of your business, but your agents keep the blood pumping. Set them up for success, for it would also lead your company to success.

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