3 Ways to Tap Your Consumer’s Subconscious Brain

As humans, we like to think that we’re rational thinkers. However, the truth is that we buy based on our emotions and not reason. According to a study made by Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of our buying decisions are made by  our subconscious mind. Our subconscious long for simplicity, and it’s emotion-driven.


Take a look at the successful startup companies. Their ads are colorful, happy, and appeal to people’s emotions. They use phrases that are simple to comprehend, such as “Think different” and “Say hello to the future.” Try to incorporate a few of these strategies to your marketing approach.

Know What Your Audience Knows. Conduct a market research. List your toughest customers, and build your vocabulary around theirs. Knowing who’s interested in your service and what they know about your company is vital for clear marketing.

Speak To Your Customer’s Mind. What do your customers feel when when they use your services or your products? Let’s say that you’re an outsourcing company. Your clients might not say it, but you suspect that they are scared of failing. That’s why you choose words like “safe” and “we” to let your clients know that you have their back.

Keep It Simple. The most powerful and effective words in the English language aren’t difficult to comprehend. Short and everyday words like “you,” “free,” and “because” are the three most persuasive words to a consumer’s ear. These words signal ideas like customer-centrism, generosity, and purpose. Stick to short and simple words as much as possible. If you’re speaking to a nontechnical consumer, skip the tech talk. Remember, simplicity sells; data doesn’t.

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