5 Tips in Managing an Offshore Customer Service Team

An offshore call center team helps free up your time — allowing you to prioritize the critical aspects of your business. The offshore team can dedicate their time to mainly focus on your customers on behalf of your business by answering calls, handling escalations, and responding to concerns.

However, working with an outsourcing provider can be a challenge. How can you make sure that your team members are consistently performing well? How are you able to effectively manage them despite the distance?

Apply these five tips for handling your offshore call center team better.

  • Objectives must be clear. As the client, you should be able to lay out all the objectives, so that your call center team will understand them clearly. Set up quotas for them to meet, clearly state why those numbers are to be met. In addition, have a set of rules that are specific to customer service situations, so your team knows what to do and what not to do.
  • Find the right support team. Outsourcing providers have their own management team, too. As their client, you'll have to make sure that your outsourcing partner provides you with the right account manager who can lead your team members well. They should be able to work well with call center agents and clients alike. A good manager knows how to organize tasks and effectively delegate them to the team, assess team performance, and set deadlines. That's one way you can ensure that your offshore customer service team is properly managed.
  • Escalations must be dealt with ASAP. Check to see if your outsourcing provider has a manager or a higher level staff who can step in and handle escalations for your team. It would be helpful if you can have a point of contact from your own office as well to act as a liaison between you and the offshore manager and team, as certain situations might need more guidance from your end.
  • Communicate effectively. Knowing that your call center is located on the other side of the globe, you'll have to always remember that effective communication should be at the top of your list. You'll need to step up and initiate the conversation to allow open feedback and collaboration. It may not always have to be about serious matters — keep conversations light from time to time to establish rapport with your team.
  • Foster passion and motivation. Again, it's not always about the serious stuff. The connection between the client and the agent matters as much as customer satisfaction and performance. Get to know your offshore team and find out what motivates them. It's easy to get engagement, loyalty, and passion in anyone by aligning business goals to their own personal goals at the same time. The key is to know how to ignite their passion for work and their motivational drivers.

With the right determination, initiative, and passion, you should be able to manage your call center team well by following these tips!

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