Top 5 Clients of the Philippine BPO Industry

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines have been rapidly growing over the years. The country continues to be one of the top-ranking destinations for different kinds of outsourcing activities—customer relations management, back-office, research, etc.


The Philippines have been serving different countries since the start of global outsourcing. To know the reasons why, you can read more in one of our previous articles here. But for now, let us focus first on the top clients that are served by the country’s call center and BPO companies.

United States. The US remains the biggest customers of the industry. The Philippines was a former colony of the United States—because of that, Filipinos are already exposed to American culture. The country has strong proficiency in English. Thus, Filipinos can communicate well in English, be it written or verbal.

Europe. Europe comes second to the US, and most of the clients come from the United Kingdom. The EU occupy about 10% of the local BPO revenue. This is all because of the time when Team Europe was created by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and the European IT Service. The Philippines’ skilled and young workforce have attracted businesses all over Europe. Moreover, Europeans are starting to invest more in the country.

Australia. Australian businesses investing in the Philippines are also growing in number. Along with growth comes their need for outsourcing, and they have set their eyes on Philippine BPO companies—as stated by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS). One of the reasons why they’re attracted to BPOs in the Philippines is the close time difference, the Philippines being only 2 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Japan. Most services that Japanese companies outsource to the Philippines are IT support, finance, and accounting. Although there were a few challenges that the two countries have encountered, Japan still places fourth in the list with a total of $1 million investments in 2012.

Canada. Canada ranks fifth in the list, as there are only a few businesses in the country that outsource to the Philippines. According to an article on Huffpost, another reason why there aren’t a lot of Canadian accounts in the Philippines is because Canadian companies prefer to have onshore call centers to manage customer relations.

A partnership with a Philippines BPO company will definitely help your business grow in time. The Philippines, as mention in one of our previous articles, has a number of advantages as an outsourcing destination. Suffice to say the country has built strong connections with foreign customers!

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