5 Free CRM for Small Businesses

As your business starts to flourish, the need for a Customer Relationship Management system becomes necessary. Startup owners look to CRM software systems to help them sort out the growing number of their customer information and leads. These owners know too well the difficulty in maintaining accurate records without a place to house the information. However, carrying out a CRM system can be expensive. Fortunately, there are a number CRM systems that offer a free trial, and some are just completely free.

Here are 5 CRM systems to help you manage your data without breaking the bank.

Hubspot CRM.JPG

Hubspot CRM. This CRM gives you all that you need to organize and track your customer information. Designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, you’ll find Hubspot CRM’s interface quite easy to navigate. This CRM software comes with an automated engine that tracks your customer information and stores your leads in a clutter-free way instead of messy and shared inboxes.


Freshsales. This software is known for its vibrant and up-to-date interface. Freshsales meet end-to-end all the contact management needs of your business.  The software’s free trial allows up to ten users, making it a good choice for a growing sales team.  


Insightly. This CRM is one of the most-used tool in the market for small businesses. Insightly offers the most decent free plans in the CRM industry. The free plan allows up to two users, and it covers the basic tools in maintaining your business. The free plan also includes features like onboarding sessions and social CRM.


Zoho CRM. This software is often heard of in the startup world. Its features include detailed reports and its ability to grow with you as your company thrives. Just like Freshsales, this software allows up to ten users during the free trial period. Zoho CRM also allows its users to completely organize customer information and effectively coordinate with your team.


Really Simple Systems. This is indeed a really simple software, designed for startup businesses. Really Simple Systems is easy to use, and it provides business owners all the necessary tools in growing their business. This CRM only allows up to two users, but you can use it for free for as long as you like.

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