3 Reasons You Need Humor in Customer Service

Customer service has drastically changed over the last few decades. Since the advancement of technology, most of the traditional forms of customer service have been replaced with artificial intelligence and automated assistance. Although technology has definitely made customer service less labor-intensive and more efficient, it has left many people wanting more of the human side of service.

Customer service agents nowadays are mostly chained to a script, sounding very much like humorless automatons. It makes consumers wonder if they’re speaking to a person or a machine. Nonetheless, having good customer service is essential to a winning business. So, how do you combine efficiency with effectiveness? The answer is humor. The key is knowing when and how to use humor to get remarkable results.


Why does a good sense of humor work well in customer service, you may ask? Take a look at these three powerful reasons.

  1. Forge Loyal Customer Relationships. Think about it. Who wants to be in a relationship with a person who shows very little emotion? The same holds true when it comes to relationships with brands. While a warm voice and a friendly personality feel like the perfect recipe for a long-term relationship, a lighthearted tone will keep your customers coming back to your brand.

  2. Enhance Customer Experience. Let’s face it. None of us likes the thought of calling customer service. It usually means being put on hold and potentially explaining your issue to several people before getting an answer. However, when you encounter a customer service agent who is refreshingly humorous, it can change the entire experience. Instead of feeling frustrated for losing half an hour, it’s refreshing to laugh off an issue with a friendly representative who can pacify a difficult situation with humor.

  3. Leave a Good Impression. When majority of customer service agents are notably dry and automated, a good sense of humor can stand out as a ray of sunshine through dark clouds. The customer could easily share your conversation with family and friends—word of mouth is one of the most effective endorsements for your brand.

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