5 Strategies to Attract Millennials to Your E-commerce Store

Millennials or those individuals born between the 1980s and 2000s, is an influencing force in today’s fast changing world. This generation has a lot of influence over older generations and are trendsetters across all industries. Millennials represent about a fourth of America’s population alone, and they carry an annual buying power of over $200 million.

As entrepreneurs embrace the digital market and e-commerce stores, the pressure to sell and increase sales to the millennial generation is exceedingly high. Since the millennial generation has been born and raised in a digital world, companies need to use advance strategies that will meet their needs. Here are five actionable steps that you can take to captivate millennials to your e-commerce store.


Market Your Brand. Social media has made it easier for business owners today to market their brand and build customer loyalty. This generation wants to buy from companies that they can relate to. Make sure to create a meaningful and unique logo that speaks your brand’s objective.

Create A Mobile-Friendly Store. Sixty percent of online traffic come from smartphones. Consumers tend to move on from slow sites and prefer fast and responsive sites where they can scroll through items and make purchases within minutes. Make sure your online store is mobile responsive if you want to attract the younger generation.

Employ Fast Payment Processes. As millennials like to move on to mobile devices for engagement, they also prefer stores with smooth and fast payment methods. These shoppers tend to reject processes that consume a lot of time by requiring a lot of steps. Embrace mobile payments with one-click procedures. Additionally, offer discounts and vouchers to motivate shoppers to visit your store.

Up Your Social Media Game. A large portion of social media users today comprises of the millennial generation. Before you attract these potential shoppers to your store, you have to speak their language. Build buzz around your brand and engage with followers. Provide them with captivating content related to the industry you’re in. As you build relationships with them, it will be easier to draw them to your e-commerce site.

Optimize The Store. E-commerce stores are not like physical shops where one can simply speak to an attendant when they have difficulties in locating an item. Millennials want to find all the information in one place. For this reason, you need to optimize your store’s layout, organization, and keep it simple.

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