5 PayPal Alternatives For Online Payments

Today’s e-commerce business owners have multiple options when choosing online payment solutions. Ideally, it should be flexible, seamless and mobile optimized. The most popular is Paypal. Last year, Paypal maintained 244 million active accounts and facilitated payments for over 17 million businesses worldwide.

Due to Paypal’s popularity, people naturally prefer it as their online payment solution. However, there are many alternatives that offer lower rates, better customer service, and better user interface.

Here are five Paypal alternatives for your E-commerce store:

  1. Stripe - With a simple and easy setup, Stripe provides a seamless integration of payments into your online store. A powerful payment program, it optimizes checkout conversion with less hassle. Stripe has a customizable UI toolkit; so, you can design your own payment form. These elements were created with the collective experience of Stripe’s front-end design and analytics team to lessen the user error and increase successful payments. Stripe is also a major partner of Shopify,  which reportedly has  600,000 registered merchants on their platform.


2. Amazon Pay - Amazon Pay is designed to cater to both Amazon merchants and shoppers. It has a built-in functionality that can attract new clients. It also streamlines the shopping process, boosting customer loyalty and customizing recurring payments by allowing returning customers to access their data from your website. This streamlines the purchasing process by removing the need to provide information such as names, addresses, and credit card numbers. Amazon protects the security of personal information on the website by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, encrypting any shared information.


3. Bluesnap - BlueSnap provides sellers the ability to receive credit card payments, offer mobile wallets to shoppers, and quickly furnish reports. It is designed to help online sellers manage their payments with an integrated global payment management system.  Bluesnap has its own Marketing and Sales support service as well as integration to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as Hubspot. An inbound marketing platform and CRM system that incorporates your transaction data to help you analyze and improve your conversions.


4. Braintree - Braintree is a global E-Commerce tool. With its presence in 40 countries, it has the ability to facilitate over 130 currencies. This enables users to transact and grow their business worldwide. Braintree allows online sellers to accept and split payments without being charged with foreign exchange fees, which results to bigger savings for business owners. It also has a partnership with Paypal.


5. PayU - With its presence in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, PayU enables sellers to receive payments locally.. It is a popular payment gateway provider that aims to simplify and streamline online payment processes. PayU’s ability to provide connections to local acquiring banks makes approval rates higher than those of its competitors. And with its anti-fraud system, this assures customers that their financial information is secured.

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